Social Media Epidemic

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Social media has made it easy for society to become self obsessed and narcissistic. With the rise of social media also come its strong implications and deadly turnouts. More people have died taking selfies than shark attacks. Since 2014, 49 people had been reported dead due to accidents caused by taking selfies. Many of the people who have died taking selfies had been fortunate enough to capture their last dying moment. Many of the accidents have been well documented due to the popularity of social media. In order to understand how selfie deaths occur, we must first observe why they take place and how they happen. Second we will discuss why social media plays such a large part of our lives and how it encourages these acts of desperation.…show more content…
Selfie deaths will continue to rapidly increase in the years to come unless we fight the power of device control. Deaths caused from “self portraits” is not only an embarrassing death but a serious one as well. Doctors actually associate this disorder to as “Selfitis” This is linked to narcissism and obsessive compulsive disorder. The only way selfie and social media addiction becomes a problem, is when we become obsessed with replacing our self esteem with a documented piece of self made artwork. Funny enough, the more we put our phones away, the more we accomplish, thus the more confident we feel leading to less self esteem issues. Possible questions to ask ourselves. Rather than documenting our lives for others to envy, shouldn’t we just live envious lives? And let the proof be…show more content…
In parts of world such as Qatar, Mexico, and malaysia people are on their social media on the average of forty times per day. Young adults are the highest percent of persistent users, even outshining teenagers. The average American is only awake for fifteen hours and spends nearly five hours on their devices. This means that the average American spends nearly one third of their days on devices and social media. Our generation will ultimately be affected by our social media addiction. The amount of time given to our devices can ultimately stunt our creative growth and personal development. Generations to come will suffer minor consequences from the rapid use of social media. In years from now, the probability of increased levels of narcissism will affect the youth in an extremely negative
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