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The Social Web: Voluntarily Tangled
Mila Rokdack
INF103: Computer Literacy
Michael Chu
June 24th, 2013

The social web is a set of social relations that link people through the World Wide Web. Websites have various functions and uses, but the most popular these days, are that of the social realm. Now days, people rarely pick up the phone and call each other. We no longer mail photographs to loved ones with letters attached. If we want to catch up with someone, we don’t write or call, we log on. Viewing someone’s Facebook page, and writing on their wall is the quickest way today to get in touch with someone. With privacy and copyright issues, surfing the social web can be a risky and comes with certain repercussions, but the
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YouTube has changed the way people learn to do things, and how they share works of art. From tutorials to handmade musical mash-ups and remixes, YouTube has transformed the way we share videos. Again, with great privilege, comes great responsibility. Some of the reasons users are reprimanded on this site, are due to copyright and privacy infringements. Artists want to keep rights to their work, but still allow them to be shared in public forums. It remains a bit of a slippery slope, but the pros outweigh the cons. The chance to share literally any video, with any content, is valuable and remarkable.
In addition to leisure activities, the social web also is beneficial on professional levels. Job hunting and networking used to mean going door to door and leaving your resume and business card. Now, one can hunt, send resumes, and apply for jobs all online. Website such as, make professional networking a modern and user friendly notion; ” If you have any dealings in the corporate world - whether you’re a CEO, salesperson, human resource manager, administrative assistant, or anything in between - you'll want to take a closer look at Linkedln. You will find it a useful tool to make your business relationships more meaningful - and more profitable” (Kelly, 2011). LinkedIn is a prime example of the many tools that the social web and the internet in general have to offer. One of the greatest aspects

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