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Social Networks and their impact on Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity Musa Ramadhani Davenport University IAAS 667 - Legal and Ethical Security Topics Deanne Cranford-Wesley Table of Contents Abstract3 Introduction4 Problem Statement7 Literature Review8 Findings11 Military Families12 Identifying your social media users16 Common myths about Social Media17 Data leakage and non-disclosure17 Social Media Squatting18 A new generation of hackers18 The high cost of inaction19 Harm to brand reputation19 Lost productivity19 Strains on bandwidth20 Implementing effective Practices20 Recommendations 21 Creating an Account21 General Recommendations22 Conclusion26 References28 Abstract Social networking sites…show more content…
Previous methods of communication are unable to provide this service, which is why social networking is a service that is here to stay. Credit card information has now become a common requirement in order to purchase services from social networking sites such as games and applications. Messages being sent between users can be intercepted and used as a form of COMINT (communications intelligence) to determine a person's location, secrets, or intentions. Cyber bullying has created life-threatening situations consisting of an individual's choice to commit suicide or even using PII to assist in the planned murder of another user. Students, children, families, and organizations worldwide are highly affected by the world of social networking. With a user population over 651,000,000 active users, it is imperative that their individual rights and privacy are protected to the fullest extent of the legal system. When analyzing the trends associated with social networking our team noticed some crucial characteristics. Virtual Social Networks facilitate people’s interactions with one another, and also allow research to be conducted between people and organizations. Analysts, psychologists, sociologists and statisticians have now made social networking an interdisciplinary research area. They have all contributed to the research of social networking trends and
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