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Social Media Analysis Social media has become a social and cultural force that has shaped many people's lives over the course of a few short years. There are many different social media channels that people use and they have a range of differences associated with each one. YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are three different types of social media that were chosen to illustrate some of the differences that are associated with different social media platforms. This technology is so powerful that it has actually been at least partly responsible for shaping world events. Many of the events in the Middle East were driven by social media including the overthrowing of the dictator in Egypt and the revolution in Tunisia. Social media has also had significant political value that can act to spread information quickly, recruit voters, and promote issues. YouTube is also one the most popular and powerful forms of developing media forms. This platform provides users the ability to host videos online can various advantages over traditional media channels such as being relatively economical, no restriction in regards to content, and the ability to share content from a range of different computers or other devices; including portable devices. With this technology an individual can literally have access to media from virtually anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Despite the availability of content that can be found online, media channels like YouTube can be

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