Social Media: Facebook

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Social Media Facebook The popular social network founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University. It is a web-based social utility that was designed to facilitate efficient communication between family, friends and co-workers (Witek, 2012). Facebook announced its Q1 2014 financial and user figures, showing that now there are more than 1 billion mobile monthly active users across the world. Overall, Facebook has 1.27 billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users) and 802 million DAUs. (Monthly Active Users) (Inside Facebook, 2014) Champoux, Durgee, McGlynn (2012) provided attitude toward the reputation of Facebook that depends on the method of mutual conversations at no cost, and it has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Witek (2012) described Facebook is operated base on three main roles, there are Feeds, Share and Comment. Feeds: access and control A feed is defined as the information and updates about routine life of all contacting users in a converse timely sequence. Two key feeds of the Facebook are News Feed and Timeline of users. After logging into the account, the News Feed is showed on the initial page of any user. The main information in the first page comprises status updates, videos, pictures and links of website. The word ‘New Feed’ stems from the way that every users acquire the news and any updates about user’s interests in routine life. In contrast, for a user’s Timeline, only user’s own updates and activities are presented. The Timeline is accessible
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