Social Media For Software Engineering

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Social Media for Software Engineering
Social media has changed the way that people collaborate and share information. Over the past decade, researchers have given increased attention to the social aspects of software engineering, both to test hypotheses and to create tools to improve practice (e.g. team awareness tools about software development .
Over the past 10 years, researchers have offered improved interest towards social aspects of software application engineering, equally to test ideas concerning to software development (Ex: socio-technical) and to generate resources to boost practice (Ex: team awareness tools). We can find inspiration pertaining to additional understanding within the organizational technology, which has extended researched, the actual social aspects associated with exactly how teams perform the job. Implementing one particular model, the software development life cycle can be observed as, software engineers first organize into teams (forming), come to agreement about their goals(storming), choosing and implementing their software methodology and engineering process(norming), collaborating and coordinating with another to create a product (performing), and finally reflecting on their failure and success (adjourning).
The social methods around software development are highly dependent on engineers ' capacities to discover and unite with people who offer similar objectives and complementary skills, to coordinate with each team member 's…
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