Social Media Has A Huge Influence On Consumers ' Purchasing Decisions

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My recommendations for Trivgao is to take for advantage of social media. Social media has a huge influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Trivago should use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and Vine etc. to influence consumers. Trivago can use these sites to advertise, to connect with customers, promote, and redirect the consumers’ to their site. Trivago can used these sites to motivate and influence consumers’. Trivago can also use these sites to engage with consumers’ and ask for feedback and reviews from the consumers’. Trivago can use the positive reviews as a way to promote their company. Trivago can use the feedback from the consumers’ to learn what the consumers’ like and dislike about their site. Trivago can use this data to enhance their position. Communication is an important element in the marketing mix. The key is to develop communication with the consumers’ by using social media. This is just one tool that Trivago can implement into their marketing mix. Also Trivago needs to target their consumers with the appropriate message. For example: Trivago may when the emphasize spring break promotions to college students. Therefor Trivago will need to develop a campaign to target these specific consumers during a specific timeframe. Then Trivago can uses social media to blast this specific data to their desired target market. After all social media is very influential on the consumers’ purchasing decision. Trivago
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