Social Media Has Affected The Generation Of The 21st Century

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Technology has become a growing industry, intriguing adolescences to explore the numerous different ways of interaction. Cell phones, lap tops, and tablets are new compelling products for teens, which allow effortless access to social media. A national survey in 2009 finds that 73% of online teenagers use SNS (social network systems), which is an increase from 55% 3 years earlier. (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith, & Zickuhr, 2010) As technology became an everyday use, more people became distracted by social media websites. Social media has affected the generation of the 21st century by weakening interaction skills, increasing cyber bullying, and impacting learning behaviors.
Social media allows teenagers to take a mille when only given an inch,
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Teenagers make an effort to meet and talk to everyone they can online, so much that they forget how to interact with these people outside. Being able to talk behind a screen gives someone courage to say whatever they please, whether it is a lie or not. The person becomes caught up in a web of lies, and has lost all personal identity beyond the screen causing people to have weaken interaction skills. With online communication becoming easier, there is more ways to harass and bully another person. Cyber bullying has become a worldwide issue, and in some cases can be treated as a criminal offense. Social media makes is simple to target someone by having the ability to spread posts over the entire internet. Insulting pictures can be posted online for the world to see in order to embarrass someone. Although parental supervision has become needed, there are ways to harass someone in private. A study was done to show that 59% of the social media population has a “different identity” and of that percentage “17% suggested that they pretended to be someone else so they could act mean to people and not get into trouble."(Luhtanen, Ellis, 2009) Social media has become a weapon to harm someone mentally and people use the security of hiding behind a screen to get away with it. There is no way to prove that such person committed the crime with no finger prints left behind, therefore cyber bullying may be
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