Social Media Has Affected The Generation Of The 21st Century

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Technology has become a growing industry, intriguing adolescences to explore the numerous different ways of interaction. Cell phones, lap tops, and tablets are new compelling products for teens, which allow effortless access to social media. A national survey in 2009 finds that 73% of online teenagers use SNS (social network systems), which is an increase from 55% 3 years earlier. (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith, & Zickuhr, 2010) As technology became an everyday use, more people became distracted by social media websites. Social media has affected the generation of the 21st century by weakening interaction skills, increasing cyber bullying, and impacting learning behaviors.
Social media allows teenagers to take a mille when only given an inch, by allowing adolescents social freedom with whoever they want to interact with. Interactions have been limited to behind a screen relationships between two or more people, and telephone calls have been upgraded to texting on cell phones. There is no longer personal connections between two individuals, and this situation has become a problem for teenagers who have developed social disorders. The issue with an online profile is that there is a wall that people put up to hide their true selves. Social media provides a window for young adults to create new identities, and generating a friend list by “adding any and all friend requests (including fake profiles or people they do not know) in an effort to seem popular.”(Anh, 2011) A teen may have…
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