Social Media Has Always Been A Controversial Issue In The

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Social media has always been a controversial issue in the nation. As more and more technology is being introduced to classrooms, social media is not far behind. From twitter in first grade to Facebook pages for high school classes, social media is somehow being implemented in schools. Social media in the classroom is a very controversial issue because people are either extreme pro or extreme con, there is not much middle ground. However some teachers have found “middle ground” with hesitation. There are two sides to this controversial issue. It can be used as an educational tool but there are serious risks to using social media. Before implementing social media in the classroom the question must be asked, do the risks outweigh the…show more content…
I know from experience that posting an open discussion question online gets more of a response and discussion than in a classroom. Communication is a huge part of social media, whether it is by text, post, or email. If social media is used appropriately, communication between students and students, teachers and teachers, and students and teachers greatly improves. The communication is instant, quick, and easy. Messages get to people much more efficiently with social media. With today’s busy life style social media and instant messages can be a life saver. Communication skills in person and online can be a key piece to preparing for employment. Preparing students for successful employment by teaching them how to send a proper email, whatnot to have on a social media page and the dangers of posting certain things on social media, can make or break a job opportunity. Rather than ignoring the fact that technology and social media is a thing, teach children how to use these tools safely and efficiently. When social media is used safely and efficiently, it can be a very useful educational tool. Although there can be many benefits to using social media in a classroom there are also drawbacks or cons to consider. First of all if one does not have the proper skill set to operate social media or the tools to have social media then it maybe be a bit difficult to use or implement it into the
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