Social Media Has Cause The Security Problem

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Even though, college students will build the close relationship with their teachers and more enhancing their engagement with study through using the social media, using social media still exist some unsafely problem to the student. Using the social media will cause the security problem, such as identity thieve will stole college student’s personal information from their social media account and the threaten massage, these two things deeply negative affect their daily life. For instance, Heidi Daitch graduated from the Brandeis University and works as the director IdentityForce website. Daithch wrote an article named the Identity Theft Is On The Rise for College Students. In this article, she mentions that identity thieves covet student’s cleaner credit histories for a long time. As a result, Identity thieves use student’s credit by knowing their personal information to get the credit. They can get the college student’s personal information because college students involuntarily show their personal information in the Facebook, such as their name and birthdate. Identity will easily find student’s security number from their birthdate and name. (Daitch). For avoiding personal information stolen by others, college student should not write down any information about their names, home address and phone number in the social media. Another security problem college student face is the racist threatens by using the social media. For instance, Caitlin Dewey graduated from the Syracuse…

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