Social Media Has Changed From Six Degrees

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Over the years, social media has changed from Six Degrees, which was a site similar to Facebook and founded in 1997, to what is now Facebook and Twitter. All of these social media sites had one thing in common, connection. When “friending” or “following” other people on these sites, you may or may not know everyone you come into contact with. Then at a certain point the only thing you want out of this to have as many “friends” or “followers” as you can. Gladwell argues “that it is the quality of connections that people have (rather than the quantity of them) that leads to success in social change”.(p.230) In my opinion, I argue that you could have both quantity and quality, as well as a strong tie between “friends” and “followers” in relation to a central cause or idea. Gladwell’s “Small Change” was originally in an issue of the New Yorker and in this essay he discusses the strong and weak ties that social media creates. As stated in the introduction and implemented throughout his essay, Gladwell believes that you can have a large amount of followers or friends but the quality of their participation will be very miniscule. The opposite being that if you don’t have a large number of followers, then the quality of their participation will be greater due to the stronger ties between people. Also, he believes that getting people involved and having a big group to participate , would be easier done through face to face demonstrations. In the essay, Gladwell uses several…
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