Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

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Ngoc Nguyen

Recently, social media has boomed. There are many social networking sites where people can post, comment or share their thoughts and feelings about everything. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. I think most of us know Facebook. If somebody doesn’t have a Facebook account, he or she must have heard about it from his or her children or relatives. Anyone who has Facebook account often spends a couple of times a day to check in their Facebook. Teenagers may spend more time. Day by day, people become to depend on it. Look back a couple of years ago, when a few of the social networking sites such as Facebook were published for the first time, they were so amazing. Before, if people wanted to show our thinking or feelings, they had to stand in front of the others to tell them what we wanted. Face-to-face time might be too hard for some people. They got many struggles to get over. Therefore, they tended to keep their thinking inside and had no chance to release themselves. By Facebook, people could handle this problem easier, so they could express their feelings out. By Facebook, they could reconnect and keep in touch with their old friends easily. They knew what their friends were getting through, so they could comfort their and help their friends even though they were far away. Moreover, Facebook helped to build the relationships online. It was also a good tool for us to entertain or kill the boredom in the free time.…
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