Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

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"Social media has given companies access to unprecedented amounts of information on client behavior and preferences - so-called Big Data. But making sense of it all and turning it into actionable policy has been elusive." Ryan Holmes Privacy is a concept that has diminished within America 's executive services, which has allowed authorities to take advantage of society. This increasing problem in today 's world has affected our lives in a multitude of ways. The current manner in which private information is handled can be described as a method with an incentive to conform civilization to societal norms rather that to allow individuality to thrive. This country was founded "by the people, for the people" with a high regard to the nation 's safety and camaraderie as a civilization, but the ideals in which our land was founded upon have decreased in importance with the increase in technology. Social media has diluted society 's sense of solitude. We, as a nation, have accepted the fact that our freedom has been generally nonexistent because superior officials have removed confidentiality from any and all personnel embedded in modern technology. Publicity has been deemed as safety when in reality it is the government promoting exposure to every individual 's life for the insurance that no threat is present. Unfortunately the word threat is a broad concept for our authorities, extensively meaning risks with individuals ' growing wealth, intellect, ideas, services,…
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