Social Media Has Changed The Expectations Of Social Relationships

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Today, the average person spends at least two hours a day on social media sites. Through social media, texting, and online chatrooms, people can communicate with others that they would otherwise have no contact with. For this topic, it is important to define what ‘friendship’ really means. Some have argued that a friend is someone they talk with; others say it’s someone they’ve shared an experience with. For this essay, friendship will be defined as someone who is kept in constant contact with through and outside of the internet. The majority of effects seen from technology are negative: from decreased in-person social interactions, to loss of identity, and ultimately the watering down of friendships. Social media has changed the expectations of social relationships. While technology does allow users to stay connected with family and friends from varying distances, technology’s negative effects also make it harder to maintain those relationships and have a lasting impact on how people will pursue their future relationships.
With the rise of social media and other forms of online communication, people have the opportunity to connect with old and new friends alike. However, this connection through technology has changed how people view friendship. In his article “Faux Friendships,” William Deresiewicz discusses how much the ideas of friendship have changed over time. He argues that “…friendship, for the ancients, was rare, precious, and hard-won,” but now, “We can be friends
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