Social Media Has Made Great Headways

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In the years that followed the dot com bubble, social media has made great headways in the way internet users connect with one another. With advances in the way communication channels have opened up, majority of companies did not immediately join the social media revolution. Instead they took to the sidelines, observing the actions of interactions rather than taking part in the development and monitoring of these operations. This could have been attributed to the unclear understanding of how social media could be beneficial in the long run. Unlike traditional media, such as broadcasting centers, and other media outlets, social media allows for a two-way interactive experience to solve problems that could arise in the operation of businesses. Even with the establishment of such current pathways of communication, there is a downside to social media that argues for the privacy, security and the protection of intellectual property.
Social networking sites encourage businesses to change their traditional marketing strategies and focus on talking with -- not at -- prospects and clients, with the goal of developing and “deepening the relationship” between the company and customer. But what’s the business benefit of that deepened relationship? When prospects grow to “know, like, and trust” a company, through interacting with their representatives on social networking sites, they are much more likely to do business with that company.
In an article by J.D Lasica and Kim Bale from…
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