Social Media Has Made People 's Lives Easier

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Social media has made people’s lives easier; many cannot imagine life without it. Social media allows people to share information, ideas, career interest and other forms of expression via virtual modes of communication. According to a study, about 78% of Americans use social media, and the people most affected by social media are teenagers (Almond n.pag). Nowadays, social media plays a tremendous part in the way youth are growing up. Teens spend the majority of their time connected on social media sharing or seeing pictures, talking with their friends, watching videos, and listening music. These can lead a teenager to be addicted to technology. According to Agarwal and Kar, “ In a public opinion poll in U.S., it was found that 13 to 17 years old age group (73%) were commonly affected by internet addiction and more than 60% of Americans said, being addicted to technology.” Technology addiction, also known as internet addiction, is defined as an excessive or poorly controlled pre-occupations, urge or behavior related to use internet and computers, that significantly impairs everyday life (Agarwal and Kar 170). Teenagers cannot live without their cellphones because they need to be connected to social media every hour. Also, because they are connected for an ample amount of time on social media, seeing pictures on Facebook or Instagram, and chatting with friends on Twitter, sometimes they forget about what is going on around them. Moreover, social media sites such as Twitter,
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