Social Media Impact On Greek Culture

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Humans throughout history have used stories to teach many different morals. These can be from the Disney movies teaching children how to be independent and true to themselves or to the story of the Hare and the Tortoise teaching kids to be persistent and to never give up. Today’s social media impacts the way that we learn these morals and are much more commonly spread. Before technology, all stories were told by word or written down, but now they are much easier to access for everyone; spreading our history and morals from the past. Bernard Evslin book Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths helped explain to the Greeks how our universe came to be and its relationship to mankind. Although today’s technology is far more advanced, the Greek…show more content…
The gods often punish those that they hear talking about them to others, such as how gossip said today always finds its way back to the person is it told about. When Psyche was talking about how she is more beautiful than Aphrodite, the goddess heard and trapped the girl in her castle, attempting to make her unavailable to any possible suitors. Aphrodite complained, “How dare she go around pretending to be as beautiful as I? When I get through with her, she’ll wish she’d been born ugly as a toad” (91). Aphrodite felt so threatened by Psyche’s remarks and beauty that she put an invisible wall of thorns around her castle and sent Eros to make her fall in love with someone undesirable. Another example of the God’s hearing every word said behind their backs is the story of Arachne. Arachne believed herself to be better at weaving than Athena, and when the goddess heard this she declared a contest,…show more content…
Throughout the novel, characters have risked their lives along with others to prove that they are better than someone else, usually harming those around them. Because Phaethon felt as if he had to prove he was the son of Apollo to Epaphus, it led to the wrecklace destruction of many villages; causing fires, floods, and the freezing of oceans. Phaethon tried to explain to his father, “I know, father. But I had no choice. I was taunted by a son of Zeus, Epaphus. And I would have flung him over the cliff and myself after him if I had not resolved to make my lies come true” (68). Phaethon wanted so badly to prove that his father is Apollo, that he laid waste to the village trying to prove that he belonged. The theory that humans will do anything to be better than others is proved again in the story of Midas. Midas wanted to be higher up on the social cast and to have more gold than his subjects, causing him to forget the consequences of being too greedy. After realizing his mistake, Midas cried, “You Apollo, false god, traitor! You pretended to forgive me, but you punished me with a gift” (194)! Midas’s greed led him to wish everything he touched turned to gold, but he quickly realized this gift only make him more lonely after he
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