Social Media Impact On Social And Communication

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In today’s modern society, people — particularly young people — are discovering and adapting new approaches of communicating electronically to fit their needs continually. For the most part, conversations are predominantly dominated by social media interactions. You are probably more likely to speak to family and friends through electronic devices rather than face-to-face. But is modern technology and social media impairing our interpersonal communication and social skills? Recent research and studies suggest demonstrate that social media negatively impacts social and communication skills. However there are ways to combat these detrimental effects. Social media will continue to be the preferred form of communication among young people as more generations are born into the social age. However, this shift may begin to affect our capability to properly communicate in person as many rely on a screen to communicate. For example, Yazino founder, Hussein Chahine, said in The Telegraph, “ Some people are as used to seeing their friends’ online avatar as they are their face,” thus correlating online conversations as physical when in reality they are not (“One” 1). This could eventually lead to reality risks as people would be depend on online avatars to tell something about a person when in actually it could all be a lie as social media grants anyone the ability to be whoever they want to be. This risk alone could trigger dozens of others personal issues such as self-esteem, trust,…
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