Social Media In Australia

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In recent years there has been a large increase in the availability of communication technology this has seen many positive changes in the way we communicate, share and our way of life. Especially how we treat mental illnesses however there also many negative implications of the recent implantation of these new technologies. This essay will discuss some of the considerations surrounding the positive and also the negative side effects of using technology to aid those who have a mental illness especially those who live in remote and rural areas along with the effects of the dramatic increase of social media use in contemporary Australia focusing on young women.
Treatment for mental health has vastly improved in recent years through the use of new
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however more research need to be done to bring to light the importance of withholding private information and protecting your identity from hacker and scammers it is clearly evident that Australians need further education on the topic of cyber safety as to avoid becoming a victim of online criminal activity and developing body image issues for which the impacts are highly detrimental. Finally, the use of technology to treat mental illness is pathing the way to better more tailored and successful programs that will change life especially for those who are living in rural and remote areas. But given that it is truly at the individual’s discretion whether or not these technologies are used productively and
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