Social Media Influences Thoughts And Morality

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Final Essay: Social Media Influences Thoughts and Morality In today’s society you can keep up to date with current information, due to social media. While also keeping in touch with family and friends around the world. Going through their updates, and generating likes. These likes could be the individual’s post about their life events, vacation, or simply just their opinions. It’s these post that are structuring the way we think, as we read their post, and press that like button. Even if we do not agree with their post, we could feel obligated to press like, and then we are influenced. In this paper, I will argue that our thoughts, and morality are highly influenced by social media from adults to even kids. Most of our social media…show more content…
As stated below: “As the researchers note, these findings have a number of important implications for the spread of ideas, norms, values, and culture. For one, it appears that the spread of ideas depends on the messenger 's social-cognitive abilities, affect, and motivations, and less on IQ-type intelligence. None of the stages involved in social influence recruited brain regions typically associated with higher-level abstract reasoning and executive functioning (the frontal-parietal brain network).” (Raphael, 2015). This statement further defends the argument that social media is an influencer to the way people think. Just knowing that the mind needs the ability to be receptive the to the thought. When going onto social media sites from personal experience. I have noticed myself in a vulnerable state of mind. Meaning that my mind has the ability to be easily molded to whatever, I may stumble upon. Making myself have that receptive ability to accept the thoughts of others, and accept them as my own. Some of the most successful in influencing their opinion, were the ones that had “the salesman effect”. This effect was able to persuade others to believe what they believe in, and disregard their own personal opinions. The part of the brain the demonstrated “the salesman effect” was the Bilateral TPJ (Kaufman, 2013). Makes sense, especially since this area of the brain has studied to be possess the ability to stimulate

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