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Your Name: Michelle Piercy
COMS 101 Section ___
Date Due: 2/13/2017

Organization: Topical Pattern

Audience analysis: Social networking is a thriving industry because as technology continues to evolve, the world is too, and soon everything will be computer operated. Social networking not only is a way to keep up with the constant demand of technology, but it also provides an easy way to make a profit.

Topic: Social Networking

General Purpose: To inform (see p. 98)

Specific Purpose: My audience will learn the significance of being a social networker in today's computer-centric world. They will obtain knowledge on its history and the many uses social-networking provides.

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Social websites are relevant today because of the constant demand on technology. Due to this technology revolution, many people are silenced because nobody writes letters anymore. People barely engage in verbal conversations nowadays. Most interactions amongst people in today's society is handled through emails, texts, blogs, and phone calls. Therefore, social websites give us our voices back by allowing us to gain instant access to people. This instant access is vital because it gives us a sense of community that could not be reachable in today's society with all the distractions, also it could not be reached before social networks were invented because there wasn't too many options in regards to communication. For example, When Michael Jackson first died, so many people took the dreadful news to Twitter that the social network blacked out and the site crashed. It was unfortunate that the site crashed, however, being able to broadcast important, current and historical events, and witnessing billions of people from all around the world share their experiences and feelings towards the event to bring closure is very powerful and would not have been possible if it weren't for social networking. Another event that was captured online and brought closure to the world was when the London bombing of 2016 took place. This was a sensitive time, so sensitive that people from all over the world, not just London, were posting pictures that had the London flag colors filtered into the photo. These filtered photos were a symbol of love and sorrow for the city of London and showed those victims that they are not alone and that someone does
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