Social Media Invasion Of Privacy

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Over the years’ social media has become increasingly popular. More people from different age groups have been taking part in accessing social media. I believe social media has become a big part of our culture today. I remember years ago when I was younger, social media wasn’t as popular as it is now. As the years have gone by, I see more and more people using social media for everything they do. It ranges from younger children who have internet access to older people such as parents and even grandparents. Social media has become a form of communication, a way to interact with friends and family, and an outlet for people to express themselves. Social Media has become so popular that future employers might even get the urge to search a possible candidate’s social media and look through personal information. In my opinion, it is an invasion of privacy and would develop a one sided opinion of the candidate.…show more content…
I believe that anything a person does on social media and post on social networking sites should remain a private matter. I don’t think a future employer should be allowed to know every aspect of the candidate’s life and what they do on their personal time. Social networking sites should be intended for just sharing anything we desire with friends and family without worrying what a future employer
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