Social Media Is A Big Deal

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Social media is a big deal nowadays, people do not feel confortable with just having Facebook. They need to have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and all the programs necessary to stay connect to the real world. Even if they want to follow celebrities or powerful people in the world they have to have one of those social media networking. A person who has all these social pages just want to feel accepted towards the world to feel loved and good with themselves. It is very important to stay tuned with the new information that comes out in the world at any time. Social media is changing the way people act and behave, in the past, people just watch the news on the TV or read it the newspaper but nowadays they just have to go on their smart phone. They will find all the information they need with just one click. Klein cites that, “since 1995, the percentage of adults who use the Internet has increased from 14% to 85% according to one Pew Research Survey (Pew Internet and American Life Project Surveys) (Source 12.) The image below this paragraphs represents the amount of people who uses internet since 1995 to 2013, which is very impressive and means that Internet and social media is going big. Social media can affect their body image with peer pressure, the prototype of the perfect persons, and eating disorders.

Nowadays, the world has turned into a big superficial place, where no one cares about the intellectual but the physical appearance. People are always looking to what they…
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