Social Media Is A Negative Influence On Society

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Social media is a trap! Although social media is a common practice in a person’s daily life, it is slowly taking over the world. A few years ago social media was just an idea, and now it is everywhere surrounding everyone and everything. Social media has taken the place of face-to-face interactions between people and the free time in everybody’s lives because it is always conveniently there. Social media has a negative influence on people, especially teenagers, who use it on a consistent basis because a person can become stuck into thinking solely about what is happening on social networking sites, it can affect how people view themselves and their self-esteem, and can affect a person’s mental and physical health. When a person logs into their account usually they think that they are just going to spend a few minutes checking on a couple of new uploads, except they end up spending a longer amount of time on their various accounts. This is how social media becomes addicting. Although some would argue that the use of social media is beneficial to those that want to stay up to date with anyone, the addiction of being on the account and able to receive updates from friends through a screen outweighs the need to interact socially with people. Using these media sites should not take the place of social interactions with people; in fact, they should be used as a tool for the times people cannot but not a daily activity. Because social networking has become so common, it is
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