Social Media Is Hurting The Quality Of Real Relationships

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Why do people prefer to spend time on social networks instead of sharing moments in real time with loved ones? It is well known that social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, were created to connect people and strengthen friendships. However, it is also true that social media is dividing families, friends and society instead of connecting them. Social media is hurting the quality of real relationships because its usage involves negative effects such as wasted time, private information shared, and bullying. People say that family time flies but some of them do not care about it when they are using social media. They prefer to waste time in the virtual world missing great moments in real life. As a result, family activities such as visits, celebrations, and daily moments are invaded by the hidden enemy, social media. For this reason, some family members prefer to share pictures, chat, or update news with friends, relatives and acquaintances on social networks, instead of interacting with loved ones. Actually, the amount of time that some people spend on social media is high and it is higher for young people. To illustrate, Shapiro and Margolin’s (2014) study, Growing Up Wired: Social Networking Sites and Adolescent Psychosocial Development , analyzed the impact of Social Networks Sites (SNSs) on adolescents’ social behavior. According to Shapiro and Margolin’s (2014) research, adolescents spend many hours per day connected to SNSs, “The sheer amount of time
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