Social Media Is The Lifeblood Of Modern Digital Marketing

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Social media is the lifeblood of modern digital marketing. We live in a connected society, and social media is the best way to interact with consumers. "From businesses to individual consumers, everyone is connected to everyone, everywhere, all the time," states Jesper Termansen, CMO of Templafy. Social media networks are natural habitats for influencers. It’s where they can dramatically amplify a brand 's message, while conveying authenticity to their audiences. In fact, a McKinsey study found that word-of-mouth is twice as effective as paid advertising. And marketers are paying attention. Almost 60% of marketers in a Tomoson study said they will increase their influencer marketing budgets. Moreover, 81% of marketers who have tried influencer marketing believe it is effective. So, how can your business get the most out of influencer marketing? 1. Build Your Campaign Around KPIs The beginning of a new influencer campaign is exciting. Ideas spark from other ideas, and before long, you 've got dozens of interesting ways to leverage the influencer 's reach for your brand. It 's tempting to choose the most exciting concept and begin. But perform your due diligence. Before you make commitments, understand why you’re starting an influencer campaign in the first place. Not all influencer marketing campaigns get results. Possessing a definitive goal is one of the main differences between campaigns that work and those that don’t. Goal setting helps ensure your campaign achieves
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