Social Media Is The Smartest Generation

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In the essay “Sulking with Lisa Loeb on the Ice Planet Hoth” Chuck Klosterman shows the similarity of the movie The Empire Strikes Back to Generation X. Klosterman does this by stating, “ Empire was the first movie that people in the seventies could understand in a way that went outside of the rudimentary plot line”(151). So Klosterman is able to connect to the movie because it was the first movie these Gen Xers could honestly understand. So it changed their whole outlook on life and shaped them into what they were when they grew up. similarly, on a larger scale, social media has shaped and influenced Millennials. Every generation has had something to shape their culture, but why is it that “us” Millennials are seen as the failed generation. I believe that Millennials will be the smartest generation because we were born into the most advanced era and we were able to adapt to it. The positives far outweigh the negative effects studied by an ignorant generation. Social media has influenced millennials positively because it was the thing we understood most, provides a platform outside of rudimentary culture, and gave them their own voice. Millennials are the generation that was born in 1982-2004, so most importantly they are the generation that grew up with social media so it is what they understand the most. Social media is a way for them to stay connected to everything from the outside world, and what I mean by that is much like Generation X grew up knowing the ins and outs
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