Social Media Literature Review

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Literature Review
The Literature Review represents relevant literature and theories which this research focuses on.
Social media is defined as “the use of technology combined with social interaction to create or co-create value” (Jantsch, 2008). It is an emerging channel for marketing around the globe. In the modern days where social media is widely used, what needs to be communicated to the customers is, in a way, determined by them (Kietzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy, & Silvestre, 2011, p. 242). This means corporations have become less powerful in controlling the flow of communication even about their brands. The sharing of tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, videos, pictures etc. among the public shapes the brand image of a corporation
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Even though these are intended for Credit Unions, they can be applied for all organizations. 1) Being Social – More emphasis on interaction among the social media followers or subscribers can promote the value of a brand. She supports the opinion of Nancy Dibert who said that focusing on social interaction beyond the promotion of the products and services can be more crucial to the success of the social media communication strategy. Whether it is following others based on specific characteristics on Twitter or commenting on others’ posts on Facebook, being social online can bring followers and enhance the network of a brand. 2) Having a clear goal – Featherstone is of the opinion that setting precise goals is crucial before starting a social media channel. She goes with ‘Asking questions’ to the target audience prior in the form of polls and questionnaires which can be useful in understanding what the customers are looking for. This may ultimately be helpful in formulating the social media goals of the organization. 3) Using polls and blogs – “People want to be heard”, says Featherstone (2012, p. 26). There should be a platform for the target audience to have a conversation with the organization and polls and blogs can do wonderful jobs in this regard. Once a conversation is started, the customers will feel special and can provide valuable information on the services that are lacking in the marketing which can be
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