Social Media Marketing : A Social Network

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That could cost up to millions of dollars just for the expense of promoting the product. Traditional marking campaigns as well involve television, radio and print sources while Internet is easier and inexpensive. While creating a profile on one of the hundreds of social media sites cost absolutely nothing. It has been recorded that as of 2014, “Facebook has over 30 million businesses with actives pages on the social network” (Ha, 2014). Social media marketing can be helpful company that is struggling with money because instead of spending costly amount of promoting the company they can now focus further on the product. Social media marketing still takes up a good amount of time, although it allows the consumers to find additional information concerning a company or product by simply “following” or “likening” a social network page. Social media is exceedingly beneficial for the business by being cost efficient letting free network pages to be made to further marketing campaigns. Social media networks additionally offer inexpensive and further direct advertisements for businesses on their websites of cost-per-click marketing. Facebook is the most popular social media website for social media marketing (Jain, 2012) and businesses favor this network from its cost effect advertisement. Facebook recently released the statistic that they have passed the milestone of having 1.23 billion active users’ on the network (Protalinski, 2014). Social media marketers take advantage of
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