Social Media Marketing : An Important Marketing Tool

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1 – Background:
1.1 – Topic:
The author of this research proposal targets to inspect the significance of social media marketing of IT products specifically in United Kingdom.
1.2 – Introduction:
The key purpose of this research proposal is to assess importance of social media marketing significantly of IT products in emerging marketing activities within Unite Kingdom. According to Kim & Ko. (2012) social media marketing is an important and effective method utilised by modern marketers which improves different social networking websites to attract potential consumers and customers. A vital aim of social media marketing is create and generate appropriate subjects which can be use along with social networking for increasing company consociate
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This opportunity is bring a plat form where IT producer companies can endorse different IT products and can convey message to their potential customers about innovation and new specifications of these products. Social media marketing is proving an edge to IT product producing companies on other companies as they already have expert managers and designers that are already facilitating these IT product producer companies with their command on IT so they can target their consumers and customers in more positive and effective way.
2 – Literature review:
2.1 – Main body:
Griffith, D. A., Cavusgil, S. T. & Xu, S. (2008) summarised that modernism and globalisation has drawn trade barriers. Moreover, globalisation and advancement has associated sellers and buyers integrated with supply and demand. Marketing is an effervescent and dynamic control that is needed to adopt innovation and advancement at local and international business levels. Furthermore, Kabani, (2010) identified that IT product producer companies such as Nokia, HP, Apple, Dell, Samsung, Sony, LG etc. are concerning demands and expectations of their potential customers globally and trying to bring them to global village by using several emerging
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