Social Media Marketing As A Marketing Tool Essay

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Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that uses social networking websites as a marketing tool. The main goal of Social media marketing is to produce such content that users will share with there social network so that company can increase brand exposure and can broaden costumer reach
Social media marketing became popular with increase popularity of social networking websites such as twitter, Facebook, Myspace , Linkledin, Google+ and pinterset
1.Increased brand recognition – One of the main benefits of social media marketing is increased brand recognition because social networking websites are used by more than the two thirds of a country social media is a perfect channel to promote the brand to potential costumers. 75% of the people said that the product information found on social media influences there buying behavior. So the first advantage of social media marketing is Increased Brand Recognition
2.Legitimize a Brand – Another way in which social media marketing helps with costumer is by establishing a brand as legitimate. When Internet costumer discover a retailer or business the want to use it but does not know how to use it so customers take help from social networking websites. It should also be noted that poor social marketing can also lead to delegatimization. If a customer goes to social media page of a brand and he does not see any update in last few months then he will assume
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