Social Media Marketing Is Not A Set It And Forget It

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I have said it before and I 'll say it again; social media marketing is not a set it and forget it marketing tactic. It takes a lot of work and consistency. It 's complicated and can quickly get messy. Those playing the role of a social media manager can attest to the fact that toady 's posting, tweeting, snapping, and all those other social posting terms in use today are complex efforts. A multitude of elements goes into a social media campaign such as images, videos, writing, analytics, scheduling and more. Coming up with 140 character statement to make an impact is in and of itself a challenge. True, anyone can launch and run a social media campaign and end up with somewhat acceptable results. However, a person with skills such as those possessed by project managers that include structured processes, impeccable organization, research, and data analysis can take a campaign from mediocre to amazing. I am not saying that if you hire a project manager to become your social media manager your campaigns will all go viral. I 'm stating the skillset an experienced project manager possesses paired with social media marketing knowledge will give you a leg up. If you are interested in taking your company 's social media efforts from OK to over the top, consider including project management skills to your social media manager job description. Project Management and Social Media Project Managers are trained to take requests, that are at times obscure, and turn them
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