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Abstract Social media is today widely integrated into dynamic computing and servicer architecture. In fact, social media can do so much more today than some years ago. With Twitter or Facebook it is possible to use networking and information sharing techniques to build high quality links and increase PR of a target site. In fact, social media marketing integration is so ingrained into the 21st century system it has become part of the entire cultural process in fact, as some authors state, it is part of the market creation process. Social media is a relatively new term that includes web and mobile based technologies that allow communication to be more of an interactive dialog between individuals, communities, and organizations. It is a way that technology is used to enhance communications and enable different sorts of cultures and groups to interact. Part 1 Understand the contextual factors such as nature of product, media habits, and company credibility relevant to social media. Networks have become an integral part of almost every organization, including the home. Cisco System, for instance, is an American multinational corporation with over $40 billion in annual revenue and headquartered in California. The company focuses on three separate market segments: enterprise and Service, Small Business, and Home Users. For the corporate network, the company focuses on borderless networks, up video, datacenter and unified computing, and IP next generation networks. For small

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