Social Media Negative Essay

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I sit at the restaurant table with my friends, not a word being spoken nor any noise being made. Drawn to their screens, silence consumes each and every person at the table. I watch my friends’ faces glued to their phones, too interested in Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook or Twitter to talk to each other in real life. The waiter approaches our table: “Can I get anyone anything to drink?” he asks. Not a sound. The waiter clears his throat, and asks again, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but can I get anyone any beverages to start?” This time, the table stirs and most of the people at the table peer upwards to find our waiter patiently awaiting their responses. “I’ll just stick with the water,” I reply, as the rest of my friends order their drinks. They all then proceed to resume to their original positions: necks craned downwards, eyes gazing straight, arms resting on the table, three fingers placed behind the phone, the pinky at the bottom for support, and the thumb to scroll. It is at this moment that I realize social media has ruined everything. I sit there in silence, simply watching my friends obsess over their phones. A little smirk here, a little laugh there – but no true laughter nor pure love makes its way into their bodies. All superficial and temporary emotions run through their minds, as they scroll through their lives wasting their time on Snapchat. I think to myself, how could they possibly be on their phones for so long? What could be so important that it can’t
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