Social Media Negatively Affects Our Society

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Readers Response Essay Social media negatively affects our society today as it is slowly ruining our everyday lives. Is it really worth it? It has turned in to an addiction for people of all ages. Susan Tardanico states, nearly 93% of communication today are done so through nonverbal communications. Social media has rapidly transformed our traditional way of communication and relationships, because it has done so it is very difficult to cope that our so called private world is not really private anymore. It has such a negative effect on our society from friends, to work, and even families. Family time is rarely heard of because of all the latest technology devices. Dinner time today consist of phones in one hand, and our spoons in the other. Everyone is so nose deep in the latest Facebook drama family dinner time is their least concerns. Everything that seems to happen is instantly shared online. Family drama becomes more impersonal making it much worse than it should have been. Children are not communicating with their parents like they should be. Our communication today is a simple text or online post. We should interact better with our parents without social media, because once something is posted online it is never safe. When we “delete” something is actually gone forever? The answer is no, people do not realize the danger of sharing the type of information they do online. Guerry states that, “sending an e-mail to the recycle bin and emptying the bin only deletes
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