Social Media Network Technology

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Social Media Network Technology Paper The web is no longer a read only product, it now has the ability to be interactive and particpatory. Users are able to interact over the internet with each other with instant messaging and emails and use social networks to share news, videos, and photos with others, bringing people with common interest, opinions, and experiences together and closer. Some of the most popular social networks include Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. Currently social networks are mostly used to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, peers and family, there are far more benefits, that the social media platform can provide. This paper explores the topic of social media in modern education. There are benefits and…show more content…
Additional learning resources and materials can also be provided through tools such as Google Apps for Education or Ning. “The major factor that students cite as the cause of their bordom at achool is the materials are not interesting or relevant”. international jouranL) Engaging in social media learning activities allow for social debates, gourp projects, and eliminates classroom boredom. This also provides a place for students to build supportive relationships with insturtors, overcome barriers of time and locations, while learning from each other and others outside of the school walls. Social media as collaborative platforms. Research shows that students learn and retain more information longer when working in groups over all other instructional formats. By utilizing social media tools students can gther and share resources and otheri nformation. Individuals in the community can provide additional resources and inforamtion. Wikis is a tool that can be used as a collaborative platform. Teachers can choose to make the wiki annotate additions and deletions with the authors name and time, making it possible for tachers to verify the partipation of various group members. Disadvantages to the use of Social Network Technology Although there are many benefits from social networks there are also disadvantages, complaints, and connerns about the
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