Social Media Of Public Relations

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In general worlds, public relations is a management function, which manage the spread of information between organization and its publics, it is process of information exchange, also maintain the relationship between audience, social media, companies…etc. Generally, the public relation practitioners use forms such as printed text, images, speaking words or even combined functions for communication. “Social media are a technically enhanced-think Internet and mobile-based-way of discussing ideas with people in communities. Social media use words, pictures, audio, and video to foster interaction”. (Maddock and Viton, 2009)To working with social media, practitioners must build and maintain relationships of mutual respect and trust with…show more content…
There can be bunch of advantages working in social media of public relations including corporate communications, team membership. Since everything is online, you’re free to work anywhere could connect with internet, make the desired response possible to engage stakeholders and also could create a conversation exchanging information and views. There is also challenging to learn new technology everyday during working, able to organizing the program and on-line digital. On the contrary, there can also be disadvantages working in social media. The social media always sensationalize things, suspicious of the fail and the truth, and somehow loss of objectivities. As an employee working in the specialize area of social media public relations, a person should first have skills of researching, planning, implementing and evaluating programs. They might use a variety of research tools to gathering information about the clients, the industry, also relevant issues. Also identify the individual or group who are interested in online programs. Communication skill is always important in my opinion, it plays a really big role in every specialize part of public relations. However, people who are participating in social media public relations might have advanced communication skills. They may have skills to persuade stakeholders to support a decision, identify and analysis a problem, the results and the solution, conduct decisions, also
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