Social Media On Human's Behavior

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Introduction In today 's world, the culture rely on human’s behavior. These days, the social media made human and communities have became closer to each other “openness to experiencing and thinking about things from other points of view” (Zion and Kozleski, 2005, p.17) because the people from different cultures have openness of the whole world and they have ideas about diverse cultures regardless the identity of the person his origin or religion. Culture had become the identity of our communities through our behaviors. It has many factors contribute to the formation of each individual’s cultural . Social networking between people contributed to the development of the individual culture and in the development of society. My…show more content…
In the last week, we talked in class on the topic of cultures, and the subject was very excited for me. We also brought a traditional dish, and three items to talk about them with the group. I prepared a "sweet coffee with almond”. This coffee is famous in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Families always make the coffee in every New Year. I was happy because it won the admiration of my classmates. I brought with me "Oud Wood" which is a distinct and beautiful smell. We use it to perfume the house as well as clothing. I also brought bracelets, it was a gift from my friend when she traveled to Turkey. Finally, I brought a picture, which includes my son and I when we went to Florida last year. The partners` culture It is interesting to learn different intercultural, because it enriches our knowledge of the world around us, and makes us feel that we evolve. We were four members in my group Majida , Maha, Michelle and I. Three of us were from Saudi Arabia and we had similar mores. However we were from different regions, so we had some differences in accent. In my group we had established a discussion about culture, and I did not find a lot of differences between the group members and me. At first, we described about our families, how we keep contact with family members, hobbies and communication styles. I
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