Social Media On Teen Plastic Surgery

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Thesis Statement: Since the media has placed remarkable pressure on the physical imperfections of women, the majority of females nowadays are unable to understand the fact that getting their face reconstructed to fit society’s concept of beauty is definitely not the way to promote beauty.
I) Introduction a. Understanding plastic surgery. b. Knowing the reason why people would most likely operate plastic surgery. c. Knowing whether plastic surgery is a way to promote beauty or destroy it.
II) The Main Conflict
a. Knowing how plastic surgery destroys beauty rather than promote it.
b. Many people go overboard with surgery to look MORE beautiful.
c. Lack of self-confidence guides people into fakeness.
III) Plastic surgery in a developing teenager
a. The influence of social media on teen plastic surgery.
b. The expert opinion of the AAFPRS association and Nigel Mercer.
c. Adolescent’s ignorance on plastic surgery causes them to irrationally consider the unhealthy risks.
IV) Repercussions
a. Scarring.
b. General appearance dissatisfaction.
c. The psychological impact of plastic surgery and its negative effect on health.

V) Solutions
a. Quoting Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.
b. Looks don’t determine a person’s beauty.
c. The significance of self-acceptance.
IV) Conclusion
a. The way to destroy natural beauty.
b. Plastic surgery should is a profession that should be implied for medical purposes only.
c. The majority of the patients don’t consider the
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