Social Media On The Work Place

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Social media is the most common technical tool which is being used by the complete society in recent days. In addition, it plays a paramount role in the business world to maintain a continuous and flexible contact with the company employees. Further, there are two types of social media sites which are enterprise social media site and the consumer social media site. Enterprise social media network is for private use and the consumer social media is available to everyone in the society. Moreover, using this social media in the work place is accompanied with some benefits as well as some privacy difficulties. This paper explains the organisational use of social media, advantages as well as the disadvantages.

Social media has become an unavoidable tool in both technical and commercial life. The common use of social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, Weblogs, webcasts, linked in, and google plus are to communicate with the people from one place to other place to share some information. While compared to traditional media, social media has its own characteristics in its design. In addition, traditional media is more expensive as well as complicated whereas, social media is cheaper and users with low level technical knowledge can also use this very easily. Despite, social media has no boundaries so that, when using this in organisations it gives some ethical challenges to the companies. Moreover, social media is…
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