Social Media Outlets and Online Businesses

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Social Media Outlets and Online Businesses Introduction Social media platforms are currently doing an impressive job at providing businesses with the opportunity to promote their products online to millions of users. This form of promotion is faster, cheaper, and more effective when compared to traditional methods of promoting a product or a service. Even with this, in order to be able to use social media platforms efficiently, businesses need to use strategists, developers, and writers. It costs money to do this and it is thus essential for social media marketing managers to be able to channel their efforts into making companies happy with their involvement in social media advertising. Question 1 The first component of a legally astute social media marketing manager who is involved in using social media platforms with the purpose of enabling consumer transactions is related to how the individual needs to employ an attitude that is focused on acknowledging the importance of law when considering the company's general condition. "Legally astute management teams appreciate the importance of meeting society's expectations of appropriate behavior and of treating stakeholders fairly" (Bagley & Savage 11). The second component involves individuals taking on a proactive approach with regard to legal matters during each step of a management process. Managers need to focus on receiving counseling on a constant basis, as doing so consequent to the moment when a deal has
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