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One advantage of easily accessible information is convenience. Easily accessible information is convenient for people to catch the latest stories, listen to new songs on the go whether it is on the internet or the radio. People can watch and share music videos to those songs as well; while holding conversations through conversation with many friends immediately. This is more convenient than reading a magazine, watching television, listening to the radio and chatting on a cell phone at once to do the same thing. It allows people to multitask and do those things proficiently while conforming to society’s environment. One of the disadvantages to easily accessible information is when serious or sensitive information is available when it…show more content…
Knowing how a group of followers can boost sales of a business with free advertisement may give assurance to people who use it as a tool rather than personal enjoyment. The disadvantage of using social media in a negative way can make a person use social media in a more discrete manner. Social networking sites can allow people to decide what information is obtainable by the public; this is imperative when a person wants to use social media. There are a lot of reliability issues that can happen from the information found on the internet. Before the internet was around people would receive information on the news or in newspapers. Normally when a journalist publishes a story it needs credible sources, and those sources need to be trustworthy and confirmed. The internet has shaped a new type of media. The internet gives an ordinary person the stage to talk about anything they want to without reliable sources. A person's opinion suddenly becomes the center of a news story rather than another person's research and hard work. This makes most of the internet not reliable. Knowing how social media works could be a helpful tool for businesses concerned in free advertising. It can also be a useful networking method between family and friends who live too far apart. However, there are a lot of disadvantages that a person needs to understand along with the advantages, which is important in using social media effectively. The Internet is a

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