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Jerome B Miller
December 17, 2013
Dr. Rita Carver

The last decade gave birth to a huge phenomenon that dramatically changed local and international social entertainment. This new entertaining phenomenon was social media, which came with its share of advantages and disadvantages. A social website called “My Space” sparked the social site revolution almost ten years ago, and connected millions of people around the world through the internet. Since My Space other popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made an incredible explosion on to the growing social scene.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Easily Obtainable Information
Sometimes easily obtainable information
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Furthermore, social media gives people the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. Twitter and Instagram are two social sites that allow ordinary people to follow the moves of high profile celebrities such as actors, musicians, and sports figures. There have been times when people have been victimized and attacked because of their comments and posts left on social sites, but this is one of the disadvantages of social media. Photos and remarks posted on social sites can sometimes be accessed by employers, but although those photographs and words maybe harmless one's employer can easily take them out of context and find them offensive. A person has to remember that first impressions can lasting impressions. Knowing The Advantages and Disadvantages
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages on the uses of social media may alter the way one uses social media by causing them to use more or less privacy settings when online. One might decide to use social media more responsibly, and filter the content that they post on line. However, after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of using social media someone may not want to use social media at all. Honestly there are more reasons why a person should use social media in a mature manner, but obviously you can't know for certain who can and can't access one's social site page. Credibility Issues

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