Social Media Plays a Big Role in How Culture Affects our Food-Shopping Habits

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Interview Whenever one goes shopping for groceries there are many different things people take into account. Some of the many considerations one must take when shopping is the price, the ingredients, and if it is going to be enough to last you or if it is going to be too much that the food you bought is going to go bad. As culture changes, so do our food shopping habits. For example, a few years back one would turn on the TV and would see McDonald in his big clown outfit promoting the "GREAT" hamburgers. Now those types of commercials are nowhere to be found. One can say that in today’s society we are experiencing a cultural change on food advertisement. Social media plays a big role in how culture affects our food-shopping habits. A site that has been influencing countless people is Pinterest. As we might know it is a site where one can pin and search different categories. One category, as brought up by Hannah, that can be searched on this website is different food dishes and, along with them, is the recipe for how to make the dish. Pinterest can influence a person to eat healthy and create the foods that can help positively affect their health or diet. It allows for healthy recipes to be much more accessible to people, and essentially creates healthy cookbooks. This mostly affects the middle aged demographic of our culture, which not only adds to the social change for those who are younger as well. In today’s culture grade school students are being taught the benefits of

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