Social Media Pros And Cons

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Pros and Cons of Phones and Social Media Have you ever had a bad experience with your phone on social media, what about a good one? Well I have had good and bad experiences with social media. My good ones were that I have made a lot of friends on it. Also, if I wanted I could just talk to my friends on the social media. The bad experience is that people have not said great things to me. Also, phones can get bad and good too. You really only need your phones for emergencies so if you have a phone that is the good reason. The bad reason is if you are just using your phone for games and things like that. That is bad because then you get addicted and that can cause bad things. Come with me and we can talk more about this. To start, if you have social media be appropriate and nice. You would not like if somebody looked at your post and said something mean like you are ugly that is not nice. Also, would it make you uncomfortable if you got on social media and saw an inappropriate post? I would definitely feel uncomfortable. Social media is open worldwide. It can also be very addictive. For example, “Within a few months, you might find yourself chatting with friends, following links to news articles, watching cat videos and finding out what happened next – all the while neglecting your real work.”(Equinet) If social media has pros then I want to see them. In addition, the pros of social media is that it is a great place to make friends, talk to friends, reunite with friends,

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