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I started using a Tumblr for my Social Media class. When I first started using Tumblr, I could tell that it was a much different platform than Facebook. The things I would post would just not go over well with my family and friends who would just believe what they would see on television. I've had bad experiences on Facebook for posting just about everything, but that was a while back. They took quite an offense to some of the things I would post about that are going on in not only America but on a global level. Let's begin with my experiences and expectations with Tumblr first. Since opening up my Tumblr account, I decided to be more enigmatic and in the dark. I would post some simple blogs each week on the Comm2311 blog, but no one really replied to them even after I commented and clicked "like" on their blogs. I really didn't have any expectations, and I was still enjoying being part of a new social network. When on a new type of social media, the first thing I like to do is test the waters in a sense. I like to see how people use it and how everyone is reacting before I start posting lots of information. After some consideration, I wondered what would happen if I breached social media etiquette and started sharing random YouTube videos and off-topic posts on our Comm2311 blog. The first time I broke social media etiquette on Tumblr was when I posted a random YouTube video and captioned it "Feminism is a Prison" without any context on my class' Comm2311 blog. I

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