Social Media Ruin Election

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In the article “Did Social Media Ruin Election 2016,” the author, Sam Sanders, makes many valid points about social media, one being that it is not being used for what it was created for. Today, especially these past few months during the controversial election, social media has been used as a place for users to argue with others that do not agree with them. Sanders goes on to make many other points about social media being used destructively, and I agree with the vast majority of them.
Sanders focuses on the two largest social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, in the article. He explains what the two sites were originally created for and how they are instead being used today. When someone’s friend disagrees with them politically on social
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The candidates, especially Donald Trump, said nasty, childish, and very unpresidential things on social media to one another. The tweets and posts that the candidates posted created many arguments between voters as well. Sanders goes on to explain that when people argued about politics on social media, the topics very rarely had to do with the policies that the candidates promoted. The conversation topics are always about the scandals of each candidate, not their beliefs. The CEO of Talkwalker which is a social media analytics company said that, “‘Social media may have played a role in creating a kind of scandal-driven, as opposed to issue-driven, campaign…” (Sanders). The three most common political conversations on social media, according to Talkwalker, were regarding Trump’s comments about women, Clinton’s emails, and Trump not releasing his tax returns. Sanders states that we, as a society, are much more concerned with the scandals of our candidates rather than their political ideas and opinions. That combined with the overwhelming presence of candidates like Trump on social media made for an overpowering election…show more content…
I hope that in future elections, when someone disagrees with someone else’s post about politics, that they will try to discuss this issue with the person rather than attack them. I hope that in the future elections, the presidential candidates use social media to share their ideas and promote change, not to attack other candidates or political figures. The only way that social media can positively impact American politics is by doing these things and making it a safer space where different ideas are used for natural discussion. If a change isn’t made, social media will have a very negative effect on American politics. Future elections will continue to be as unbearable as this one. People will lose friendships over something as trivial as what someone posted on their Facebook page or what someone tweeted. As demonstrated in this year’s election alone, social media can play a large role in politics. If it’s used for good things, like healthy discussions and the promotion of ideas, then the role will be a great one. If it’s used for the worse, as it was this year, this country will have long elections ahead of
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