Social Media Survey Paper

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The method of the survey was to gather data connecting the parallels between how different generations incorporate social media into their lives and whether or not they have an effect on the individuals physical and social environment. In order to gather data, to prove that there is a correlation between how social media does have an effect on an individual’s physical and social environment, an anonymous survey was constructed and distributed to focus on the idea of how different generational groups interact with social media. The survey was titled “How Often Do You Use Social Media”, and was structured with questions that targeted individuals that were familiar with using social networks.
The data from the survey states that there were in total 28 individuals that had fully
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According to the survey about the information ties in that 43% of the data has Baby Boomer’s either spending 30 minutes to 1 hour or 2 to 4 hours per day on social media. This amount data can easily suggest that how much time Baby Boomer’s put in to using social media. When given the option to select all that applies on the question “How or why do you use social media?” 100% of Baby Boomer’s solely use social media as form of communicating and staying in touch with family. While 71% said they used social media as a form of a news source and 43% either agreed to networking or sharing opinions, a large portion of this data represents the context that Baby Boomers use social media as a communication method with family and friends. Similar to how the Millennials believed that social networking affects their physical and social environment, Baby Boomers fully believe that social media does have an impact on their own physical and social environment. 85% of the data for Baby Boomers state that they agree to this idea, which presents a connecting parallel to how the Millennials view social media
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