Social Media Techniques

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Social Media Techniques Abstract The first section of the paper addresses the effects that different types of social networking have on companies. The social media techniques discussed in the following section are social networking, micro-blogging, and photo sharing. The paper also includes an article review section of an article published in Business Report in 2008 regarding theories of leadership. Social media techniques The world of business has become more and more competitive, determining companies to develop innovative strategies that can help them create competitive advantage. In addition to this, companies grant more importance to their customer relationship management. In order to improve customer satisfaction, companies understand that they must focus on improving communication with their customers. In order to reach this objective, it is important that they adjust their communication strategy in accordance with the needs and preferences of customers. This refers to including activities like social networking, micro-blogging, and photo sharing in their social media strategy. Social networking This type of communication has significantly developed, determining companies to include it in their strategy. In large companies, contact between employees and their superiors can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, in certain companies, managers use social networking websites to connect faster with their subordinates. This is extremely useful in situations where the
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