Social Media Violence

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The number one cause of adolescent health issues is not illness, but violence around and towards them. Has this always been the issue? A new development within the past decade has been distribution of smartphones. These items may seem completely devoid of association to violence, but when viewed further in depth these handhold devices can be seen as a tool for more than innocent communication. The phones are able to perform similar functions to a computer, act as a phone, and a high tech pager. With the development of the smartphone come more methods of communicating and transmitting messages, the realm of social media. The display of violence and threats in social media influence adolescents, perpetuates fear, and is carried on by the same…show more content…
Luckily, there are preset ways to deal with a child or teen who believes being violent is acceptable because of the exposure to media, especially social media. These methods raise the likelihood that a child will not end up violent or influenced by the media in a drastic manner.
One obvious, but overlooked aspect is the consistent exposure to people. With the child making friends he/she will most likely not be on his/her smartphone. Being friends with non-deviant peers will further influence the child in a positive direction, keeping him/her engaged in safer activities (Youth). Also, the adolescents who do commit an act of violence are not seen as a lost cause in society. Once a youth has been accused of a crime, society keeps its interest in the adolescent and sees him/her as recoverable. The youth can be committed to a form of rehabilitation in the hopes he/she, at his/her, young age can be changed and influenced positively. Society sees young people as moldable and recoverable, whereas adults are usually seen as a waste of resources when put into rehab. More often than not, adolescents who are guilty of a crime, even if the crime was horrendous, will be put on parole or some form of recovery program in the hopes of radical change in a positive manner. This means that there are government programs for these children who have been guilty in some form. Also there are programs set up by the government to be enacted during the time children are in preschool until the point when they leave high school/government regulated school in the hopes of avoiding conflict (Howell
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